How to fix printing quality problems for Samsung SCX-6345 Printer

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    Samsung SCX-6345 has orrcur "Printed page problems": Light or faded print, Toner specks, Dropouts, Vertical lines, Gray background, Toner smear, Vertical repetitive defects, Background scatter, Misformed characters, Page skew, Curl or wave, Wrinkles or creases, Back of printouts are dirty, Black pages, Loose toner, Character Voids, Horizontal stripes, Curl.
    Currently, printers Samsung SCX-6345 is being used quite extensively. Lage offices will utilize the Samsung SCX-6345N multifunctional capabilities. The copying, printing, scanning and optional fax capabilities keep businesses productive and ahead of the competition. The incredible output speed of 45 cpm and first copy time of 5 seconds, delivers documents and projects before the deadline. The SCX-6345N wide LCD simplifies jobs and reduces time spent hanging around the copy machine.
    However, we can not avoid the damage of the printer as some components of the printer caused in during use.
    The following, I will introduce three basic errors with printing quality problems of Samsung SCX-6345 printer and "How to repair it". With other print page errors, you view at "Samsung SCX-6345 Service Repair Manual"
    1. Vertical lines (Description : Straight thin black vertical line occurs in the printed image)

    Cause of error "Vertical lines" on the printed page:
    - If black vertical streaks appear on the page: The drum inside the printer has probably been scratched.
    - If white vertical streaks appear on the page: The surface of the LSU part inside the machine may be dirty.
    How to fix error "Vertical lines" on the printed page:
    - Remove the drum cartridge and install a new one.
    - Clean the LSU. Contact a service representative.
    2. Vertical repetitive defects
    Cause of error "Vertical repetitive defects" on the printed page:
    - The drum and toner cartridge may be damaged
    - Parts of the machine may have toner on them.
    - The fusing assembly may be damaged.
    Repair error "Vertical repetitive defects" on the printed page:
    - If a repetitive mark occurs on the page, print a cleaning sheet several times to clean the cartridge; contact a service representative. After the printout, if you still have the same problems, remove the drum and toner cartridge and then, install a new one.
    - If the defects occur on the back of the page, the problem will likely correct itself after a few more pages.
    - Contact a service representative.
    3. Wrinkles or creases
    Cause of error "Wrinkles or creases" on the printed page:
    - Paper is loaded no properly
    - Paper is loaded not match size and bad quality
    The solution error "Wrinkles or creases" on the printed page:
    - Ensure that the paper is loaded properly.
    - Check the paper type and quality.
    - Turn over the stack of paper in the tray. Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray.

    You can find solutions fix other errors of Samsung SCX-6345printer in "Samsung SCX-6345 Service Repair Manual". The following is table of message error of Samsung SCX-6345
    Samsung SCX-6345Service Repair Manual document very important with technician when repair the Samsung SCX-6345printer. "Samsung SCX-6345Service Repair Manual" guide technician remove and install components internal Samsung SCX-6345printer, providing them knowledge intensive the component, how to take apart and fix bugs in the process of using Samsung SCX-6345printer that the user themselves can not repair.

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