How to fix (solve/repair) Fuser error Samsung SCX-3200 series

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    Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES is the compact multi-funtion laser printer. It is easy to you, hight speed. The following is common error fuser unit Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES printer. Errors usually shown on smart panel of computer connected immediate with printer or LCD on control panel shown on “U”:
    Open Heat Error – The Fuser unit registered a low temperature state for more than 20 seconds at Warm Up.
    Over Heat Error – The Fuser unit has registered a high temperature state for more than 2 seconds.
    Low Heat Error – The Fuser unit has registered an extreme low temperature at standby for more than 10 seconds or during printing for more than 20 seconds.

    So how to fix Over heat error, Low heat error, Open heat error, Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES? The answer is right below
    I. How to fix(repair) low heat error Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES?
    After initial warmup had been achieved, if the Fuser Unit at any time does not reach its proper operating temperature within a predetermined time an “Low Heat Error will occur
    The phenomenon of demonstrated Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES printer occur error "Low heat error" is:
    - The printer does not print and smart panel of computer connected immediate with printer shown on erorr message: "Low heat error cycle power"
    - The low heat error on the Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES printer is related to the fusing assembly. Below is a list of the most common problems that can cause a low heat error.
    1. Cycle the power.If the printer checks the fuser at the wrong time like during a sudden power outage, it can get an inaccurate reading causing this error. Sometimes a simple cycle power will resolve the issue.
    2. Check your power source.Plugged power cable of printer direct into a wall outlet. Too many devices plugged into the same circuit can also cause a power struggle between devices and lead to this issue.
    3. Follow the diagnostics mode below and check the temperature of the unit when it should be hot.
    - Remove the fuser unit and check for continuity across the thermostat and hot roller assembly.
    - Check the overall condition of the fuser unit. If the hot roller looks extremely worn, the gears are wearing out, or the pressure roller has wrinkles or tears in it, you should replace the fuser unit Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES.
    4. Remove the thermistor on the fuser unit and clean it off and make sure it is secure against the hot roller.Debris or if it is positioned to fair away from the hot roller can cause low heat errors. The thermistor is very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to throw it off.
    5. The contacts between the electrodes on the sides of the hot roller aren’t making a good connection. Because this is a metal on metal contact and electricity is running through it, it tends to get corrosion in this area. Take an emery board to the surfaces and try to scratch off some of this build up.
    6. If still error than replace the fuser unit.
    II. How to fix(repair) Open heat error Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES?
    The Open Heat Error on these printers is caused by an open-circuit in the fusing assembly.This error to be one of the more common errors of Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES printers. When they over heat, one or both of the thermostats on top of the fusing assembly will open. As the fusing unit cools back down the thermostat is supposed to close, when the printer is turned back on it will work as normal. However, it does not work properly. The unit cools back down but the thermostat fails to close back up. In this article, i guide you solve problem without replace fuser unit
    1. Remove fuser unit out of frame.
    2. Remove the fusing assembly and thermostat
    3. Check the thermostat, is the continuity across the two parts?

    - If it has continuity then that’s not the problem.
    - Conversely, measure across the individual thermostats to find which one is open. If you isolate the problem child take a can of air and hold it upside down
    Now give the front of the thermostat, open in that can be depressed, blowing of extremely cold air then try check the thermostat for continuity once again. If it has continuity now, then reinstall it and put the fuser back in the printer. If the fuser rollers haven’t melted together you should have a working printer again.
    4. After repair thermostat, the printer still error then the problem can be in halogen lamp or connection problem.The thermistor the Fuser runs on AC power so you should have continuity across the halogen lamp and thermostat. Pretty much a connect path going into and out of the fuser unit. If you’re getting an Open Heat Error then something in the fuser circuitry is open. It’s up to you to find it. Now if you don’t feel like doing all this testing then your next step is to replace the fuser unit.
    5. While you have the fuser out, you should check the condition of the unit. Look for scratches in the hot roller surface where the thermistor and pick fingers could have worn away the surface. Check for a warped or wrinkled surface on the pressure roller. Finally check the gears out. Look for gear dust and worn down gear teeth.If there is a problem can not be solve, you should reaplace Replace Pressure Roller and heat roller high
    III. How to fix fuser error Samsung SCX-3200 SERIES.
    When fuser unit occurs errors, printer does not the LED error of printer is Red light. Gear of the fuser does not work and breaks away melt away. When printing, motor breaks away from its place due to defective fuser gear.Now, you need to perform the following steps to check. Where is the error? and then repair errors
    1. Check thermostat, can be AC wire and Heat Lamp is open. After check thermostat, If it is open replace the fuser and try print to test
    2. Check the thermistor sensor. If location of the thermistor sensor device is located deep in the sponge, replace thermistor sensor and then print test page. If still error you should replace the fuser unit.
    3. Check the halogen lamp. Check if the circuit of overheat mode works properly. And then replace halogen lamp
    4. Check the overheat circuit works properly by DCU with DCU mode is code 10
    5. The fuser gear is defective due to melting away. Replace fuser gear. If still error, replace fuser unit
    6. The fuser end of life. Replace fuser unit.

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