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    Welcome to forum of testcopy.net. In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible please take your time to read through this document, it will help you navigate the pits and traps this community has created for new members ;) These rules can be changed without notice though normally we announce changes via announcement in all the forums.

    1) Read up before asking! There are tons of guides, FAQs and each forum has a dedicated Q&A thread with additional info.

    1a) Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.

    2) Respect the netiquette: Lurk and get to know the forum before you post.

    3) Keep the focus: Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

    4) Be nice to each other and respect the moderator. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member turn to the respective moderator and if the moderator can't help you send a private message to Doom9.

    5) Do not spam. No blatant advertising.

    6) No warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content! Links to content of a questionable nature (e.g. anything you don't own and/or have downloaded), asking for, offering, or asking for help/helping to process such content in any way or form is not tolerated.

    7) Keep the size of personal images down.

    8) No cross posting. Post your message once, to the appropriate forum and nowhere else or it will be locked or deleted without warning.

    9) Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention.

    10) Do not send questions pertaining to topics of discussion on this board via personal messages or email to Moderators or Admins, they will be ignored.

    11) Don't post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don't post. The number of posts on this board has no direct relation to the experience of a member.

    12) How NOT to post on this forum:

    5 minutes after your initial post you reply to your own post writing something like "Why is nobody helping me? I'm sure you know the answer". Once somebody replies to your thread but doesn't give you exactly the answer you've been expecting you insult them.

    Do not ask "what's best" because this question cannot be answered objectively. Each and everyone has their own view about what's best in a certain area. The best is what works best for you!

    13) The official language is English. Outside the translator forum English is the only allowed language.

    14) Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.

    15) Political discussion not directly related to DVD backup issues are prohibited, as is any discussion on religion and religious matters.

    16) Instructions by the moderator team are to be followed.

    17) No discussion about the rules or their interpretation.

    The interpretation of these rules is solely up to the owner of this forum and can change at any time without prior notice. If you're unsure about what constitutes a breach of a rule, ask a member of the moderator squad or refer to the most recent precedent in the forum (though since interpretation can change, we cannot guarantee that any precedent you may find still applies so in order to be on the safe side, ask a moderator if the precedent still applies).

    If you don't comply with these rules you'll have to face a set of sanctions.

    A note about attachments: Each attachment has to be validated by a moderator to ensure no unwanted content is being posted. Therefore your attachments won't be visible immediately after you upload, but only after a moderator has checked them which can take some time.

    Last but not least there's a thread that you should read which explains how to best get started if you're new around here: Welcome / How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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